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A modern website design won't only attract and engage your audience. It can generate new leads, collect information, make appointments, or even let you chat with new prospects.

Custom Website Design

What is the Goal of building your new website?

Identifying the purpose is the beginning of reaching a goal.

What do you want to do with your new Website?

You can ask us to redesign your Website to give it a complete make-over and improve your brand.

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Most Web designers show you layouts like these

They will only tell you a little about creating content.

Business Website
Attorney Website
Contractor Website
Lawyer Website
Builder Website Design
Doctors office website design
Pet store website Design
Dentist Website Design
Accountant Website Design

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Competitive Edge

Check our website portfolio live view.

Figure out if you are comparing apples to apples.

If you are shopping around Web Design Companies, we invite you to compare side-to-side each factor before choosing your winner.

  • Loading Speed GT Metrics will help you.

  • Layout: Check if the content is visually appealing and easy to understand.

  • Descriptive Photos: Pictures and photos should represent the messages you read.

  • Copywriting: Are they communicating with the reader?

  • Context: Is there any logical flow in the information you see?

  • For sure you will discover the advantage of choosing Spread SEO.

Do you want a better perspective?

Check our Web Design work on your desktop.

See our portfolio samples.

Click on any of the links to see samples of our Professional webdesign.

Did you find any differences with your current Website? 

Let's discuss Designing a new Website for your business.

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What else SPread offer
with a New Website?

Designing a business website goes far beyond publishing your logo, and pictures.

Professionally Built: Your site will be appealing, responsive, and fast loading

Our Website Design is solid and functional from the ground up.

  • A professional website is built with clean code, descriptive images, and copywriting that identifies your business.

  • Responsive Web Design will auto-adjust your website to work seamlessly on desktops, phones, and tablets.
  • Your Website will load fast, showing visitors the information they seek without delay.

A professional website is not a flyer online; it is the extension of your business online.

Are you looking for a business website?

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Content is King!

Content for website

Valuable Content: Your site's content will flow with context and engage your visitors

Creating content is the website-building stage where most enthusiasts and DIY business owners fail.

  • Copywriting
  • Tables and forms
  • Pictures and Graphics

The quality of your content makes your visitors stay and read or click and leave.

SPread SEO will create content to ease the path for your visitors to make a purchase decision your need.

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Is your current Website returning any
benefits to your business?

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Still trying to decide if your business needs Website Redesign?

Would you choose a Dentist or a Contractor whose Website has a messy layout and a big chunk of hard-to-read text?

    A poorly designed website looks unprofessional and lacks trustworthiness.

    A messy layout with no context or clarity won't tell your visitors what to do or what to expect from your services.

    Complex navigation and bad user experience will prevent your visitors from making a buying decision.

    A dubious image brand can push your visitors to do business with the following company they find online.

A Professionally Redesigned Website goes beyond publishing your logo and pictures. 

Is your current website doing your business justice?

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Website Redesign

SpreadSEO gives you more value than any regular web designing company

Regardless of your Website's goals, you will get value that other companies won't give you.

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Our Web Design cost is competitive compared to freelance Web Designers or any local Marketing Agency near you.

Clean Layout

The layout of your site will offer your visitors an inviting environment to browse and find the information they are looking for.

Market Oriented

An included basic market research will find the best keywords to create the main silos of your site and the right content.

Fast loading

Your Website will feature a quick loading speed, minimizing the options to let visitors jump to your competitor's site.

Ready for SEO

The code and Design of your Website will be ready for Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile Friendly

You will get a responsive Web Design that looks good on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Our Website Prices Beat any Professional Website Designer

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Landing Page

Ask us for options to Spread your website in Local Search

GET 2 Years FREE Hosting & Maintenance
 when you get a Small Business Multi-page Website

  • Professional Branded Site

    You will be proud of the new face of your business, and customers will be pleased as well.

  • Save time & Money

    You won't waste your productive time dealing with DIY online builders to achieve poor results.


    Get a 2 Years FREE HOSTING included with a business website.

  • FREE Maintenance

    Spread SEO includes your site's maintenance within the first two years.


Grow your business with a new Professional Website Design

Stand out from your local competitors and attract new customers with a new website that reflects the personality of your business. Contact SPread SEO

See our Web Design FAQ

You might have more answers related to building your website.

A Landing Page is a one-page site. It serves the purpose of showing your business or as the landing place of a Facebook or Google Ads campaign.
Local customers in the USA can pay with Zelle, Check, or Credit Card. If you are overseas, you can use PayPal or Bank transfer.
The content is not implied in the price, but we will give you a breakdown of creating, editing or optimizing the content you need.
We don't have fixed prices for Web Development. Your project is different from other customer's projects. But you can rest assured that the cost of your Website will be fair and worth every penny.
A web design or redesign can take as little as seven days when you have your copywriting content and pictures ready. It will take longer to start from scratch. It also depends on how fast you provide us the information we need to create your Website's content.
Yes, when you are located in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm. In that case, we can arrange a photo shoot session and collect all the pictures required for your Website or any other marketing purpose.
Yes, if you are located in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm, we can arrange a photo shoot session and collect all the pictures required for your website or any other marketing purpose.

If you have your hosting service, you will have access to it, but you will also become responsible for the administration and maintenance of your site unless we arrange something else.

The main difference is that we don't sell websites. It might sound unclear, but most price-oriented website companies sell online flyers as Websites. Our primary focus is to create a business platform to generate new leads.