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Fixing slow loading problems, verifying indexing maps, and re-arranging your URL site's structure is part of our daily Technical SEO Agenda.

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What Is Technical SEO?

Like a reliable car,  the power of your website is hidden under the hood, or (the back-end).

Technical SEO is the practice of fine-tuning all the internal code elements of your website to ensure they communicate properly with browsers and search engines.

No matter how good, engaging or well elaborated is your content, without a proper technical SEO fine-tuning, search spiders (Google, Bing or Yahoo) won't discover it.

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What is Technical SEO
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Your Website's Technical issues Can be generated or come from the building ground.

Many websites are built with poor structure basis, and low practices from the beginning.

Even the most reliable website builders can yield undesirable results if you add plugins or snippets of code.

Improper settings can result in non-sense URL addresses, changing your page Meta Title, and Names can leave orphan pages or  broken links causing 404 errors.

There are many Technical SEO aspects that can be fixed or  improve and make your website Search Friendly. In the following list, we'll show you those that would be the first step towards optimizing your site:

Is your website healthy?

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7 Technical sEO ranking factors
to boost your rankings.

Working on these core factors will have higher impact in your site's performance.

A few Technical tweaks can change the course of your site, your content, and your business, the key is to find them and fix them to release your site from the tie.

SEJournal is one of the best sources, and how to docs in the SEO world, you can grasp great knowledge from there. They show here 10 Technical SEO factors that in our experience we've seen preventing a site from ranking.

Site Map, Robots.txt file, Page speed, URL Structure, Mobile Friendliness, XML Site Map, the list could go longer, but the key in any SEO practice is to target the sensitive areas first to have bigger impact in less time.

  1. Page load Speed
    Page load speed causes visitors to bounce and search engines to drag you website down in search rankings.  
  2. Site Structure
    Organizes all the pages and areas of your site to concentrate content, and information by categories.
  3. Server Maintenance
    Your hosting server stores .htaccess files that can set the way your URLs are presented and readable.
  4. XML Map
    Help search engines to understand your site's structure.
  5. Schema Markup Provide Search Engines info about your page's content.
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Uncover bugs or code errors  keeping your site sink in search results. 


On-page SEO

Finding the right keywords used in your niche is a must-do to sync with your market.

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Pages designed with local content will boost your local google listing.

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Fine tune your website's content and code to SPREAD your name in search results.

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Technical SEO Audit

Why Running a Technical SEO Audit?


Errors in your website are hidden in the back-end.

The technical Audit can check the overall site performance helping you discovered overseen problems that can affect not only ranking but functionality.

If your website's purpose is to show up in search results, a technical tune-up can  reactivate your site and put it in the right lane to run towards the top ranks.

Website Audit

What can be discovered with a technical sEO audit?

The SEO Audit will reveal hidden faults affecting your site's performance and rankings.

  • Crawlability It will reveal blocked pages, missing meta tags, incorrect re-directs and 404 errors.
  • Poor URL structure  A deep access level to important pages or unorganized file structure with no hierarchy or categories can be seen in the report.
  • Lack of SSL  A security certificate is one of the important technical requirements that Google checks to rank your site. See an extended document about    HTTP vs HTTPS
  • Lack of Internal Links The juice of SEO and ranking are links, and internal links give higher ranking value to the internal pages of your website.

Do you need to fix issues with your website?

Slow Website Problems

Slow loading website increase bounce rate!

A Slow loading speed site push your visitors to visit your competitors site.

A high Bounce rate triggered by a slow loading page lowers your website's Rank and decreases your chances to rank on Search Results. 

As defined by the SEO Expert Brian Dean bounce rate means
The percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking any action.

Many SEO Companies have tracked and experiment the expensive causes of not optimized website to load in the average time to satisfy customers and search engines.

Here is a very detail study made by  showing how a page load time not only affects bounce rate but also page views.

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How Measure Website Speed

How to improve page load speed?

The starting point is to run a speed load test.

There are a few sources excellent to determine if your website is loading out of rage, one is easier to interpret, but later we will reference a few more.

GT Metrix testing and monitoring, shows you an easy-to-understand summary that shows your current website performance in a range from A to D

You can also test your site at Pingdom, Yellow Lab Tools, Uptime, or Google Chrome developer tools, but they are a bit harder to read and occasionally confusing, they will also show you other different scores.

To keep it simple and balance our optimization efforts to improve other technical aspects, we follow GT Metrics as a base Gage to figure a healthy Page load speed of your site.

Is your site falling on the Green?

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URL Structure

What is the right URL structure to rank your website?

The purpose of organizing your website's URL structure is to create a logical flow of information categorizing content and the different levels of domain, sub-domains to live in it.

It all depends on the number of domain, categories, pages, and subjects within your website.

The main purpose of structuring your website is to organize it silos that can contain the same type of information together to contribute as a whole entity.

  • Go to GTMetrix, paste your site's URL address and see if your site falls in the green.

    Run your own Page load Speed Test!

    Did you get Green results?  Don't stop there! Measure ours!, or measure your designer's website!

    Speed loading test

    How can our Technical SEO services help you? 


    After running the SEO Audit of your website it will be easy to put in place a plan to correct all the technical aspects holding it down.

    We will work on discovering  and replacing the appropriate tagging, creating re-directs, fixing your current  URL structure and eliminating any duplicated content.

    You just have to call SPreadSEO, we will audit your website, research your competitors and put a strategy in place to increase your online traffic and reach search places that will bring you FREE organic leads.

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