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This small business Website Climbed to first page results in five months!

The Website is still collecting organic leads 1 Year after.


Content Creation

A simple and effective business Website Designed to rank.

UX Web Design


It took a few months to rank their site on top of search results.

Content Creation

Hot Leads

It Collects benefits even after the optimization.

Assessment is the Website of a small plastic manufacturing business in South America; they specialize in plastic caps for water containers.

Customer's challenge

Their Website was designed and yield hosted by a directory listing company offering no results. They needed to rank in local search to improve their visibility and boost their sales.

The Process

SpreadSEO did Marketing research, got a new domain for them, and Designed a new Website. The project included a clean layout, clear pictures, and market-oriented copywriting.

Spread SEO Solution

The Website was optimized, focusing on specific keywords aiming to rank in the local market. Today, they are ranked within their City and on top searches in Colombia and South America.

Ranking their business website in Search was the main purpose

They started seeing returns on their SEO Investment in less than Six Months!
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See for yourself how this Website pops up in search results.

You can copy and paste the following keywords or click the search like to see where shows up on the results page.

Did you find them on the results page? After One Year of SEO Service, they still collect FREE Organic Leads through their new SEO Ready Website.

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This business website gets monthly reports directly from Google

Search Engine Optimization is not a blind walk!

Like this website owner, you will receive monthly reports directly from Google  Search Console. The performance report will show you how many new clicks, impressions, and top pages you got from your Website. You will see for yourself.

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Google Search Console Initial Report

This report shows the number of organic clicks they got a couple of months after publication.

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Six Months after Spread SEO service

Google's performance report showed more than 200 Organic Clicks and growing.

Spread SEO can rank your Website as well.

Do you need SEO?

What's the owner of this website saying about Spread SEO?

Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating

Spread SEO designed our website over a year ago, and now we are at the top of searches, many of our clients come from our page. We recommend them 100% 🤗.

Fast loading Sites are Winners in Search

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A relevant ranking factor to Optimize this Website was loading Time

As page speed is one of the factors with higher relevancy to rank organically, We took a good time optimizing the images and content of this Website to achieve the desired score.

Our SEO services offer as well:

  • A Grade in GT Metrix
  • fast loading Images
  • No lagging or delaying on mobile

Do you know how to run a Website Speed Test?

Go to GTMetrix, copy and paste our customer's domain: and see for yourself the loading speed of this site.

Now check your's or your Website's provider.

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The New Layout Of Plastic Design's Site Is Clean And Easy To Navigate

Spread SEO aims UX Design, or User Experience on every website.

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Clean layout and web design

With a clean layout and clear and fast-loading images, visitors keep looking, reading, and finding the answers they need before asking.

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Easy Navigation

By implementing UX Design, this Website got improved navigation and content to let customers easily navigate through the site.

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Clear content flow

The copywriting worked beautifully, leaving no assumptions about their products. Their visitors are well-informed about their products before calling.


Why Getting your website
Optimized for Search?

If your company needs qualified prospects, SEO is the answer.

SEO for small business
A business website will generate hot leads

Clear goals and purpose, attractive content, and well-structured copywriting are just a few ranking factors boosting your Website.

internet marketing
You will collect your investment back

For many of our customers, One qualified lead that becomes a customer can pay for the entire Web Design and SEO Service; the rest will be FREE.

website design
With SEO your business keeps growing at no extra cost

Organic leads are like no-commission referrals. They will keep coming after your Website is Optimized.

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