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On-Page SEO Service to grow your Florida business

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What is On-page SEO?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.

On-page SEO  is a website growing process that starts with a seed. Yes! A Seed keyword.

To grow your business, On-page SEO applies techniques and processes to specific ranking areas of your website, that will sync keywords, content, and customer's intent together, to claim on top of search engine results.

On Page principals focuses on your website's logical structure and flow to satisfy the reader intent. The ultimate goal of On-page SEO is to make your site readable to Search Engines, and satisfy customer's intent.

Applying the most relevant  ranking factors will leave your site ready to compete and rank in the top places of Search Results.

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Small Business Growth with SEO

5 highly relevant On-Page Ranking factors that will boost your traffic.

Targeting the highest impact ranking factors will shorten the time to rank your website on search results.

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There are no Industry standards to rule what to include in an On-page SEO service, but most SEO experts match on a check-list of five ranking factors that will have higher impact for website.

  • Keyword Research It gives your site a direction to aim towards clear ranking goals.
  • Rich Content Refers to the proper semantic usage to describe your ideas, and the clarity of text to be readable for humans and machines. 
  • URL Structure The internal layout of your pages should have an specific to direct content like selling pages, informational pages, or pages organized by different categories to create an information compound that would work toward one end.
  • Meta Tags This is the part that tells search engines what your pages are talking about. Proper meta tags are the glue that connect  your content with search engine index. 
  • Mobile Friendliness This ranking factor is so important, that is often classified on web design services, technical SEO, and On-page Optimization. It takes care of your website design, and makes sure that it will be seen properly on every browsing device, like phones and tablets.

Do you want to know if On-page SEO will solve your website ranking problems?

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Auditing your  website will expose errors and bugs.

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Identify the terms your customers use.

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Articles and content to attract  traffic

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Fine tune your content to pop up in search results.

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The on-page ranking factors Explained

Check them out to visualize the direction of your SEO efforts.

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How to research local keywords

A keyword research will uncover the best terms to rank your content.

Keywords are the north star of your website, they mark a ranking goal to direct all your On Page SEO efforts.

Choosing the wrong keyword or trying to target a keyword with a super high ranking difficulty can cost you days of SEO work, and months or Years of frustration with a website that won't be found on search results.

Keyword Research Report

Short tail vs Long Tail keywords for your On-Page SEO Strategy.

Ranking with short tail keywords required much higher SEO power than ranking with long tail keywords.

Any Website requires a keyword research before going forward with any other search optimization technique.

Short tail keyword is single word or a combination of two words "red shoes", "Scooter" " Chiropractor ", they have a high monthly search rate, but the highest difficulty grades to rank.

Long tail keyword is a combination of two, three or more keywords with less search rate but more specific intent, "Red Basketball Shoes", "Spinal Manipulation Chiropractor" "Fat tire electric scooter" 

Choosing the right keywords means targeting the right audience.

Keyword Research

Long tail keywords target your small business market.

Long tail keywords allow more filtering and specificity options towards your target audience.

Keyword modifiers

Targeting Customer's intent with a long tail keyword or keyword with + modifier means targeting a micro niche. Your small business niche will be ranking under some specific keywords that will be discovered with an On-page SEO service.

Do know how to rank higher in search?

Rich Semantic Content

Rich Content Help Users, And Bots Understanding Your Web Pages.

Adding rich content creates an inviting environment and a richer visiting experience for your visitors.

Rich content can also be engaging audiovisual material that attracts and helps the reader to understand the messages you want them to read.

Semantically speaking rich content means creating more descriptive and clear messages. Search engines are constantly scanning written content which is the base or SEO.

Adding infographics, videos, tables, audio or icons keep your visitors longer reducing the bounce rate of your site.

URL Structure

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator

In practical terms, the URL is the address shown at the top of the browser, showing your domain name + the title of the particular webpage within your website.

A wrong URL address confuses search engines about the content that lives in it.

Improper settings on WordPress or other Website builders automatically creates a URL that won't Sync with the meaning of your content. See more URL structure information in or Technical SEO Section.

What is a URL?
What are meta tags

What are meta tags in your website?

They are HTML language elements that provide descriptive meaning to the sections of your website.

Each section of the HTML code tells search engines specific information of your pages, for instance, head tags have high relevance and tell search engines what the whole page is about. 

Improper setting of your meta tags can cause undesirable outcome for search engine results.

URL Structure

What meta tags are the most important to optimize your site?

The  first two meta tags, <title> and <meta name="description"> have visible impact in the browser.

Test  by yourself how the Title Tag and Meta Description directly affect what is written in the browser's snippet when customers find your web pages, here in the Mangools SERP Simulator.

  1. Meta Tile Tag
    This is the most SEO important meta tag, it tells search engines what a web page is about in less than 60 characters.
  2. Meta description Tag
    This meta tag as it's name implies describes with more words what information is in each of your pages, and you can do in 155 ~ 160 Characters.
  3. Heading Tags
    These are the tags of your articles within each page, the go from H1 to H6.
  4. Image Alt Tags
    They give meaningful description to the pictures and graphics with in each page, to help search engines understand and include in other areas of search results.
  5. Robots TXT
    The Robots meta tag tell search engines what pages of your website can be crawled and what pages not.  
  6. Rel Canonical Meta tag
    This HTML meta tag tells search engines what pages of your site have the original content. This tags helps to correct duplicated content problems.

Even though you don't duplicate your pages intentionally, your Website might show two versions to search engines, creating a duplicated content problem. For example: http://yoursite.com, and http://www.yoursite.com. 

responsive web design

Mobile Friendliness could have come first in our list.

In fact, it should be the #1 factor diminishing your SEO efforts.

Making sure your website load properly in every device in crucial today, when more than 61% of website visits happen on mobile.

We have a better section about mobile friendly in our responsive web design section.

Make sure your website is loading properly in every size of mobile device, specially on tablets.


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Uncovering your Website's weaknesses is the First Step!

A FREE website audit will expose critical site errors!

The Website Audit Report uncovers your site's health, critical errors, warnings, duplicated content, and more. We can go deeper and identify toxic back links and broken internal pages. 

SPREADSEO web development service is not limited to a basic website design, we love to go to the back-end with our Technical SEO tools and developing skills to check the code, uncover errors, and fix them to make your site search friendly and ready to generate new leads with an SEO Plan.

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How to see your On-Page SEO results?

How Can you Measure your On-Page Optimization Progress?

A good Organic SEO strategy includes measuring mechanisms.

Your Google Search Console will tell you the truth about your SEO investment. 

Google Search Console Performance Report Includes:

1. Number of Organic Clicks.
2. Number of Web Impressions.
3. Pages with First Impressions.
4. Top Growing Pages.
5. Top Performing Pages.

Google Search Console will directly send you insights like this showing you the progress of your On-page Optimization efforts and results.

Measuring Google Organic Search Results

You want to see the Power of SEO in action?

This report shows a site that started from "0". With Our basic On- Page SEO service it got a few clicks within the first month, and is still growing in search.

First Month they got 5 clicks
Second Month they got 50 Clicks
Third Month they got 80 Clicks
Fourth Month they got 101 clicks

Spread SEO, we’ll work hard to improve your website's visibility and organic search traffic with optimization that will yield new hot leads to generate more income for your business.

A hundred clicks Campaign with a hot keyword could cost you $2,500 or more.

With Organic search could be FREE!

Organic Search Results

see our on page FAQ

We hope to have all the answers to your SEO questions.

Can On-page SEO affect your Site's ranking?

It will definitely affect your ranking, Only in positive ways, to help you climb in search results.

How often should I update my web pages for on-page SEO?

As often as you think your competitors will outrank your site. It all depends on your niche.

Is on-page SEO the same as technical SEO?

They are related on to the other, however Technical SEO focuses on more specific technical aspects.

It is recommended to first Optimize your whole site as an entity to have better results, but Yes, we could start with single pages.

We focus on the main ranking factors listed above, depending on your SEO Audit, we might include other areas.

With the SEO Audit we can identify your site's current rank, you some ET.

The results will show up gradually within two to four months, from there we will constantly test, adjust and improve to climb your site higher in Search Results.

If your website is not only lost in search but also looks to old or the layout breaks on mobile, redesigning your site would be highly recommended.