Google Search Console Setup: 5 Steps Guide to Track SEO Performance

If you don’t have a Google Search Console to monitor your website’s performance, and you are you eager to understand how your website performs, these 5 steps quick setup will get you up and running in minutes

Google Search Console is a FREE TOOL and offers a wealth of information about your site’s visibility in Google search results. Let’s break down how to set it up in simple steps

1 Sign in to Google Search Console

Go to Google Search Console and hit the “Start now” button. If it’s your first time, sign in with your Google account. Stick to the same account you use for other Google services, like Gmail or Drive.

2 Add Your Website

Once signed in, If it’s your first time, you will see a prompt asking you to add your new property. Click on “Add property” and enter your website’s domain or specific URL. ( to get your website’s URL, go to your website’s home page and copy the address at the highest top in your browser.

3 Choose Your Property Type

Google Search Console offers two property types: – Domain Property: Suitable for straightforward websites without subdomains. Enter your root domain (like You’ll need access to your Domain Name Server (DNS) records for verification. – URL Prefix Property: Ideal if you want to focus on specific domains or subdomains. Enter the URL exactly as it appears in your browser (e.g.,

4 Verify Domain Ownership

Depending on your property type, you’ll see verification instructions tailored to your DNS provider. Follow the instructions provided. If you encounter issues, don’t worry; sometimes it takes a little time for changes to propagate.

5 Verification Success

Once verified, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Congrats! You’re now connected. Click “Go to property” to explore your dashboard.

Troubleshooting Verification

If you encounter any hiccups during verification or need more time, you can pause and return later. Your unverified property will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

That’s it! You’re all set to dive into the world of Google Search Console and unlock valuable insights into your website’s performance. Give it a couple of days for data to start flowing in, and remember, patience is key!

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