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Professional Web Design simple and attractive, SEO Ready to rank in Fort lauderdale or other Cities around Florida.

Fort Lauderdale Custom Web Design
Small Business Website

Get a business website Designed to engage with prospects.

Is your website solving prospect's questions before they call you?

Our comprehensive website design packages offer you solutions to build business websites visible on local searches, and engaging with your visitors to help them choose you over your competition.

Is your existing website bringing any new customers at all?

Any website can be redesigned or powered with  SEO Services to boost your business traffic, and get more calls with hot leads.

  1. Affordable

    Our web design packages are bellow any local Marketing Agency in Florida.

  2. Local web designers

    Nothing worse than dealing with a no-face overseas company that can't warranty results. We can meet you, and discuss in person the details for your website project at any time.

  3. Marketing Oriented 

    You don't have to include expensive Pay Per-click campaigns. Your website will come prepared to compete in your local market organically.

  4. ROI

    You will get returns on your investment that will last longer than any advertising campaign.

Local  Web Design

SpreadSEO goes beyond building your website

Compare web designers around Fort lauderdale or Florida and see why get more with SpreadSEO.


what can you expect with your website designed by SpreadSEO?

More Web Design features included out of the package.

Website Logo

Clean Design

Clear and attractive.

SEO Logo

Search Friendly

More traffic & hot leads.

Any Website Design option that you choose will come with marketing oriented features included at not extra cost!

  1. Clean Layout

    To offer your visitors an inviting environment to browse and find the information they are looking for.

  2. Mobile Friendly

    Your website will have a responsive design to keep the look of your site the same on different browsing devices like desktops, tablets and phones.

  3. Optimized Images

    Every image of your website will be edited to fit and prevent over loading and slow page loading speed.

  4. Fast Loading

    Your website will load at a good speed complying with SEO ranking factors, preventing as well to see your visitors jumping to your competitor's site while waiting to load.

  5. Market Research

    Our basic market will find the best keywords , and identify your competitors to be ready to implement any SEO services. Your website will be ready to show in search result and rank in a low competition niche.

A successful Web Design Service starts by identifying your goals, then figuring out a coherent content flow to deliver results.

Looking for cost-effective website design services?

New Website Design
or Re-Design?


Why your website should be mobile friendly?

A website that won't load correctly on mobile, is like slamming the door to mobile search visitors.

Responsive website design

What is a Responsive web Design?

Mobile friendliness and Responsive Web Design have the same meaning or purpose.

Responsive Web Design will auto-adjust your website to work seamlessly on desktops, phones, and tablets.

If your website layout that brakes on any device, you loose rank in search results, and lowers credibility.

Lack of mobile friendliness push your visitors to bounce and find products or services in your competitor's website.

responsive website design

Do you know how many people search on Mobile these days?

Mobile friendliness is one of the most relevant Google ranking factors. 

Mobile device searches drove 61% of U.S. website visits in 2020, showing an increment of 57% compared to 2019. Desktops showed 35.7% of all visits in 2020 and tablets 3.3% of visitors, as stated by Preficient  in march 2021

Run a FREE Website mobile friendly test!

Google provides it's own mobile friendly test tool, all you have to do is copy and paste your website's URL, and it will give you the result right there.


you need a website redesign now!

If your existing website looks closer to this, you are in a hurry to redesign your website.

Website Redesign Service

What's wrong with your Old website?

Would you choose a Dentist or a Contractor whose website has a messy layout, and lacks clarity on what they offer?

A poorly designed website gives the appearance of an unprofessional or not trustworthy business place. Difficult navigation and bad user experience will prevent your visitors from making a buying decision, as a result they won't click the Call Button if there is one at all.

At this moment, your competitors are taking business opportunities you lost due to your Old Website!

Getting your website out of it's elderly stage will pay by it self!

Local Search

A Freshly Redesigned Website Will Have Makeover results!

Get ready to see your customers reaction to it's new look.

You will get all the features we offer with a new Website plus great new benefits:

  1. Branded

    Your brand will be renovated, If you had old content and logo, we will discuss the options to keep it, re-arrange it, edit it or get rid of it.

  2. Engaging

    A new and modern website design creates an engaging environment that your customers will love to explore. It will be easy to navigate featuring easy-to-use forms as required.

  3. Functional

    If you need special functionality like forms to collect information or submit files it will be easier to implement. New attractive icon, photos, infographic or videos will improve your visibility.

  4. SEO Ready

    Your new website will be redesign with basic SEO features ready be indexed in Google to boost your Local Business Profile, and increment options to rank in the local pack.

A modern website design will generate more traffic and leads and great return for your investment.


Get some Ideas for your next website

We can offer you a custom design or affordable template-based websites, completely customized to fit your business and branding.

  • Small Business
  • Contractors
  • Attorney
  • Doctors
Small Business Website
Attorney Website
Contractor Website
lawyer Website
Construction Website
Dentist website design
Pet Care Website
Medical Website
Accountant Website

Affordable Website Design Packages


Small Business Website Packages in detail

Compare details in SpreadSEO Web Design packages and which is better for your business.

Basic Website Design Package

A one page landing page fully customized published and functional with your existing logo, graphics and content.

This package is perfect for professionals selling just one product or service.

The Basic Website Design Package includes 2 years of FREE hosting and maintenance with your new website.

Business Plus Website Package

The best option for Small Business Owners who need a full package website with pictures and copywriting content.

This website design option will save you time if don't have any content form a previous or existing website, or if the current content don't communicate your business intent. 

Business  Website Design Package

The BUSINESS Website design package includes all the basic plan features, three paid stock images, three layouts ( Front page, Contact Page, and Internal Pages), and a total of five pages.

This website is perfect for Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, and Contractors in any trade that will offer their services or products.

Optional Branding Package

SPreadSeo will design a new logo for your company, a customized set of  icons, and backgrounds or graphical items to identify your business.

We will create a complete branding package for your small business if you have to start from scratch.

Nobody better than you to write content about your business, but if you don't like to do it, you are not alone.

We often hear from our customers that writing articles, business messages, or descriptions of their services is a pain they don't want to deal with.

Copywriting & Content Creation

With this service, you'll get a compelling description of your services and products, how-to guides, infographic, and information to add value to your website.

We will estimate how much you need once we chat about your project.

Please be prepared to dedicate some of your time to talking to us and answering all the questions that will help us to deliver the right message for your niche.

Our copywriting and content creation options are custom and depend on the amount of work your website requires. Call SPreadSEO and let us know about it.

2 Year of FREE shared Hosting 2 Year of Technical support  

we are ready to come up with new ideas

Let's Design 
Your New Website.


Our Web design FAQ.

We hope to answer to all of your questions to move forward.

The process starts with an Assessment

We well talk about your goals, If  you have an existing site, we will run an audit and check your options for a website redesign service or a brand new website.

Our Web Designer will recommend you the best plan.

In most cases you will be ok with our plans, but if you need a different solution or include additional features or options SpreadSEO will prepare an estimate for you.

When you agree with our offer, we'll start building your site.

Once we you agree our estimate, you will receive our in

Every web design project is different. When you have your copywriting content and pictures ready, a small business website development can take five days.

Yes, we can build WordPress sites, and we also combine static HTML pages with a WordPress blog.

At this moment we are not taking any e-commerce projects, but we will in a short future.

With any website design we include 2 Years of free maintenance and service. If you choose an HTML website, you won't need maintenance or plugins to up date.

If you agree with our estimate or one of our packages, sign the estimate approving it and mail it back to us,  next we will coordinate a 60% deposit to start. After getting your deposit, our web development team will begin working on your new site project.

Get ready to start attracting new hot leads with your new Website Designed by SpreadSEO.

If you still trying to decide a FREE consultation will help you clear any doubts. Call us and we will be ready to help you!


  1. Content Creation
  2. Logo Design

  1. Google Local
  2. Local SEO Pages


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