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Spread is Fort Lauderdale SEO Company that provides services to rank your website high in organic search results.

Fort Lauderdale SEO Company

How can SEO help your Fort Lauderdale Business?

With Spread SEO services, your website generates inbound traffic and leads organically from Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization can bring you 25%, 50%, or even 200% more traffic.

More traffic means more calls, more qualified leads, and more online visitors willing to visit your brick-and-mortar store.

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Local SEO Service in Fort Lauderdale
Local SEO Service in Fort Lauderdale

Local SEO gives you extended returns on your investment!

You could have your site fully optimized in a few months and enjoy its returns for years.

Your Fort Lauderdale SEO campaign can take two to three months to start showing results, but once you reach the top places in Google search, it will hold for months or years until a competitor claims higher than you.

If you get outranked, you can reactivate your SEO services to optimize other areas of your site or ask us about Geo-targeted landing pages to increase your reach.

Do you want to know how website is currently ranking?

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Are Ads a better internet marketing Service for your Florida business?

Ads Campaign work while they are active.

In a Pay per Click Campaign, the unit price is determined by the cost of a keyword. A keyword can cost you $7, but don't be surprised if you find the best keywords at $25 per click.

The average conversion rate for an Ads campaign is 2.35%, meaning you will get 2.35 customer sales out of a hundred clicks.

The bottom line in Ads is to calculate how much money you will spend and how much you will keep with the campaign.

Ads are your best option for faster results with higher budgets!

Google Ads

A Local SEO Audit Will show you the best route.

With an SEO Audit, you discover your competitors and opportunities to rank.


A FREE SEO Audit unfold the truth
holding your site sank in search

You need to identify the problem holding your website to plan a solution.

What Are Your Business's Website Strengths?

Are you going to compete with price and quality, or do you provide specialized services that require skills or equipment that your competitors can't? Are they shown clearly and precisely on your website?

Who your real competitors are?

If you thought that your competitors were other local businesses near bye, You might be surprised to realize that they are not. Today your competitors can be in neighboring cities or other states, dominating your local market from there.

When you don't rank in local Search, your competitors grab your peace of the market!

4 SEO Ranking factors you will discover with a FREE Technical SEO audit.

  • Local SEO Status of your Google Business Profile, Your business reputation (reviews across the social networks), and NAP that we will explain later in this page.
  • Indexing status If your .xml index is not up to date, Google won't index all your pages. Index files might have errors that should be corrected, and it can be seen in a website audit.
  • Duplicated Content Your site might have duplicated content competing with each other and lowering any chance to rank.
  • Slow Loading Many factors can cause your site to load slowly; they could be heavy images, bugs, or conflicting plugins.

Do you want to know why your site is not showing up on Google?

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The starting point for any SEO Strategy

Keyword Research icon

Google SERP

Search Engine Page Results.

Content Creation Icon

Local Pack

Google's golden Spot for 3 Local businesses. 

SEO Icon

Organic SEO

The key to igniting your site to Rank.

seo agency south florida

The Four Sections of Google's SERP 

Grasping the basics of A Google Search Engine Results Page lets you measure where your marketing investment will be focused on.

Ads Icon

Top results of Google's Page

Advertisers paying per-click ads, currently shown as Sponsored listing

Local Pack

Local Pack

Local Business and Local Area service business listings.

Map Pin

Local Pack
Google Maps

Maps display pins of local brick-and-mortar business locations. 

Organic Search

Organic Search Results

Results from sites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Every SEO services have an specific target area on the results page.

The SERP Map gives you birds eye view to recognize the Search Results Page.


Paid Search Results

Pay-per-click Ads: This is the upper section of the page with the first results. To be 1st on the results page, you must get into a Pay Per-click advertising campaign and compete with other advertisers.

To run a Google Advertising campaign you have three options:

1. Run a Paid Per-click Campaign, by yourself.
2. Call Google to set you up with an agent.
3. Hire an advertising company to run your ads.

Local Pack

The Middle section of search results in Google is the local pack, it is comprised of two main sub-divisions:  

1. Local Business listings on the left.
2. Google Maps on the right.

At the right, the Maps Section shows Pin locations for listings with physical business locations.

The left section Shows physical and service area businesses closer to where you are making the search query.

The downside is that only three organic listings are shown, and the rest are hidden under the "More Places" button.

To appear in the first places of the local pack your, Google Business Profile, has to be fine-tuned, and a Local SEO service to manage your online reputation and local citations will improve your chances to Rank first.

Organic Search Results

They are displayed at the bottom of the page, but they are equal important as the upper two sections.

Local businesses showing on the first, second, or third page of Organic Search, are taking half of the web traffic in your local area.

An optimized website will bring more traffic, calls, and customers to your door.


Three Local SEO Services that will Rank
your small business in Google Search Results.

Spread SEO Shape Graphic

Fine-tuning these high-priority ranking areas will increase your local traffic and bring you hot leads from other Cities.

Spread Local SEO Services

You can list your business GBP on your own to be on Maps. SpreadSEO will help you optimize it to rank.

  • Local Pack: A Nap Campaign and Managing your business reputation will increase your chances of conquering the Pack.1
  • Organic SEO: Optimizing your website with Technical, On-page SEO services and creating local landing pages will help you rank your business to the top places of Search Results.2

How do you know if your website is optimized?

If they told you to Google your business name, and finding it in search results means that your site has been optimized, THAT IS WRONG!

If your site was optimized for "roofers in Fort Lauderdale" your site should appear on top or close to it in search results for that query, not by searching your business name.


Optimizing Google's Local Pack

Spread SEO Shape Graphic

Google's local pack is the center area of Google Search Results Page, where only 3 business listings climb.

Florida, Google's local Pack Results in Mobile

3 Ranking Targets to conquer the Local pack!

Optimizing these three ranking factors will squeeze your business to the few visible places of Google's local pack.

1. Google Business Profile.
2. Reputation score.
3. Business Citations.

    What is GBP

    What is Google My Business Profile

    It is a place where you can register your business to be listed, and it is completely  FREE!

    You can claim your business name on Google My Business Console GBP and register your company by following the prompts, including all the required information, and completing the process.

    Your business gets higher chances to rank when your local Citations are consistent, and your reputation is positive and well recognized.

      Are you in the Pack?
    Reputation Management Service

    Review & Reputation Management Service for Florida Businesses

    How people discover, evaluate and trust Local Businesses has changed for good.

    Local Search: Your prospects search for businesses available in the local area, check for reputation, read reviews, and make purchase decisions just like you do too!

    Online Reviews: Nowadays, only a few people ask for business references; they have Google and social media to find trustable businesses.

    Ready to Purchase:  The more trustful your business shows, the easier for shoppers to choose you.

    How can you Improve your business reputation?

    Raising your reputation score by increasing the number of 5 stars reviews!

    Reputation rate is the #1 trust factor that people count on when choosing among different service providers.

    Google Reviews rate is the average of  score calculating the ratings received per review and the total number of reviews. shows a simple review rate score formula if you want to dig deeper into it.

    One bad review needs about twelve good reviews to re-balance your score.

    Local Reviews
    Main Nap Citation Directories

    What Are NAP Citations, And How Do They Help Your Business Listing?

    NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number.

    NAP citations are Google's digital reference source to verify that your business is legit.

    Directory Nap Citations reveal your business's address, main services, and phone numbers from Online directories like Yahoo, Yelp, or Manta.

    How can a Citation Building Service increase your chances to ranking first in Google's Local Pack?

    Removing inconsistencies and adding citations with high Rank from relevant directories.

    The more consistent and relevant your business citations are, your options to claim positions in the local pack increase.

    Do you want to see the most relevant citation sources to boost your local ranking chances?

    Local Seo Services

    25 highly rated Nap Citations
      to Boost your GBP in 2023

    Spread SEO Shape Graphic

    Higher authority ranks will yield higher options
     to rank your Google Business Profile.

    # Citation Site Type of NAP Citation Value Authority Rank
    1 General Directory Very High 100
    2 General Directory Very High 100
    3 General Directory Very High 96
    4 General Directory Medium 91
    5 General Directory Very High 81
    6 General Directory Medium 77
    7 General Directory High 77
    8 General Directory High 77
    9 General Directory High 76
    10 General Directory Medium 68
    11 General Directory High 68
    12 General Directory High 65
    13 General Directory High 64
    14 General Directory High 64
    15 General Directory High 60
    16 General Directory High 60
    17 General Directory Medium 57
    18 General Directory High 57
    19 General Directory High 56
    20 General Directory High 56
    21 General Directory Medium 56
    22 General Directory Medium 77
    23 General Directory High 77
    24 General Directory High 77
    25 General Directory High 76
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    Just One click could pay for three months of your Local SEO Services!

    If you are a Doctor, a Lawyer, Consultant, Contractor, your Small business website will give you the highest return on your Marketing investment.


    A Landing Page, with SEO Services is the secret sauce to spread your business.

    Spread SEO Shape Graphic

    If you are in Fort Lauderdale, a Geo-targeted content page will break the limits of the Local Pack and bring you hot leads from Weston, Plantation, or Coral Springs.

    Florida, Google's local Pack Results in Mobile

    Ask Spread for the Best SEO service to Optimize your site.

    1. Technical SEO.
    2. On-page SEO.
    3. Local Landing Pages.

    Technical and On-page SEO services can help you optimize your existing website to rank higher in Organic Search.

    Geo-targeted landing pages with local content will give you thriving results and the power to bring customers from nearby locations.

      Technical SEO Service

      A Technical SEO Service Will Debug Your Website, Leaving It SEO Ready!

      Here is where everything starts; it is the under-the-hood place of your website.

      A Technical SEO service takes care of the code of your website, troubleshooting and correcting errors that can render your website to fail.

      Among other areas, a technical SEO will check your page speed, site security, and structure, look for duplicated content, create canonical tags, fix and submit the .xml map of your site to be indexed on search engines.

      To Rank, your website needs to be SEO-ready!

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      On-page SEO Services Sync your website with customer's intent

      It is not just keywords; it is about what your customers need.

      On-page SEO fine-tunes your, content, titles, links, graphics, and the right terms to identify your site to make it search friendly.

      If your site is optimized for "Family Lawyer in Palm Beach" your site should appear on top search results for that term and related keywords.

      Do you want to start growing your business with SEO?

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      Local SEO Service in Fort Lauderdale

      A landing page Spreads the power of your website across town!

      Geo targeted with content relevant to your local area or local market.

      A landing page will bring you hot leads from nearby Cities that you wouldn't reach with your Google business listing.

      Let's say that you are a Dentist in Fort Lauderdale and want your business to be found in Plantation, Weston, and Coral Springs. What would you do to appear in the search results of those cities?

      With a City landing Page, you can now be visible in the local search results of the aiming City and capture organic leads before the privilege of brick-and-mortar businesses of the target city only.

      Landing Page for Small Business
      Download The Official Brightedge Report 

      53.3 % of all website traffic comes from organic search! 

      Your Google business listing is Distance limited.

      Distance is the #1 Ranking factor to rank on Google's local pack.

      No matter how optimized is your Google Business Profile, how many Citations or reviews you have.

      Proximity from where the Search originated to where your business is located will rule how far your business will be displayed in Search.

      The study from RankRanger, shows the average distance of 4.7 Miles, from the local pack business listings can be viewed.

      Do you want to start growing your business with SEO?

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      Gogle Business Listing FLL

      See for your self how the power of GEO Landing Page can cross local boundaries!

      This business we manage ranks #1 and 2 in at least Five Cities in Broward County, Florida.

      In a highly competitive industry, this website shows up on the first pages of SERP for the hottest keyword in their niche, not only in Weston but in four more cities around.

      Just type the keyword "Security Camera Installation + City" on Google search and see how this business has Spread its reach to other nearby cities.

    • First Place in Google Local Pack in Weston.
    • First Page in Fort Lauderdale.
    • First Place in Plantation.
    • First Place Cooper City.
    • Your Small business website could be reaching more Cities, too, with expert Local SEO Services!

      Do you want to start Spreading your business with SEO?

      FLL Geo Landing Page
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