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Ventalumin wanted to reach the construction market in Bogota, Colombia installing Drywall and aluminum windows.

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We don't provide a link to the page, we rather let you search yourself the keywords their customers use to find them.
Type in Google the Keywords they are ranking for: "instalacion de ventanas en aluminio bogota" , "instalacion de drywall en bogota" , "instalacion de divisiones en bogota", along with other cities, and keywords.

Small Business Website Design
  • Publish Date

    Jan / 2020

  • Category

    Web Design  SEO

  • Client

    Daniel Pedroza

Website Design Testimonial

Gracias, Nuestro Website nos ha generado nuevos clientes por largo tiempo, ahora aparecemos en los primeros resultados de Google. Recomendamos Spread SEO 100%, realmente se ven los resultados.

Daniel Pedroza Contratista, construcción.

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This Small Business Website got our SEO services in 2020 and
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Ventalumin is an old company. They had no website but a lot of experience in the building industry From the beginning of the SEO service, we knew that the domain name wouldn't describe their primary services.

We Suggested a new, more descriptive domain name that described their services. They agreed, and we went ahead and got a Godaddy domain

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The company gave us their picture portfolio, and we chose, resized, and optimized each picture for fast loading on their WordPress site.

We did keyword research according to their strengths and more profitable services and created copywriting content to match the intent of their searching visitors.

Their website is still generating traffic and leads from organic traffic, one year after we finished their SEO Service.